What Makes An Ad Memorable?

Did you ever see an ad that really grabbed your attention? Something that you couldn’t easily get out of your head, or something you randomly remembered a few days later? Perhaps, months later, you see an ad for a brand on a billboard, and you remember that you saw an advertisement for that specific brand a while back?

Try to think about this: what’s the last advertisement you remember?

What exactly made that ad memorable? It might have been funny to you, or relatable. But are these the only reasons? That’s what every advertiser wants to know. If you really want to make 2022 your best year yet, go on reading this journal, it will definitely help hype up your business and boost your ad campaigns!

What Do People Focus On in Ads?

There are tens of thousands of new ads coming out on a daily basis almost all over the world, and the objective behind these ads is simply to capture people’s attention. Digital ads are everything today, so creativity is key. When you get creative, that means you need to be able to emotionally connect with your target audience through your design or content. For that, JAYPAY has got you covered; from brochures, to social media, to billboard ads. We can create ads for your brand that’ll liven it up and get it singing.
The first thing that will grab your audience’s attention is the picture you’ve used for that ad, so it needs to be eye-catching, with the resolution of The Humongous Fungus. The second thing they’re going to notice is the headline. The headline is basically the first line of copy your reader is going to see, it’s what will compel your potential customer to read more about your product or service. Some outstandingly designed graphics won’t even require a headline, but that’s rare. You’ll need to be like Rob Janoff, and let’s face reality, that’s never going to happen.

If neither your graphics nor your headlines are gripping enough, you’ll most likely lose these potential customers. In fact, in Rob Barron’s article, he reports that only 2 out of 10 readers will read past the headline. So, whatever message you’re trying to send over to your readers needs to be interesting enough for them to click on your CTA (Call to Action), or to hurry and purchase that product you’ve been bragging about infinitely. You could also write the best 1,000-word journal in your life, but if your headline isn’t attractive enough, you’ve probably wasted your time writing that one.

What Type of Ads Do People Enjoy Seeing?

After countless reading, research, and surveys, we’ve come to a realisation that people just love to see ads that will make them laugh! Personally, humourous advertisements give me a break from everyday life. I mean, don’t we all love a good sense of humour?! Plus, it’s a bit of a break from the other crappy news we hear going on in the everyday world, and from the seriousness of life in general. Other than funny commercials, research has shown that people enjoy certain commercials that present information they’re actually looking for, or in need of. Jingles and taglines are also ads people like to see. Some are easily remembered, while others are easily forgotten. The same way some have been iconic, and others have been legendarily awful… Red Bull’s “Red Bull gives you wings” is a great example of a catchy tagline. What better way to describe an energy drink that’s going to change your day, and ultimately your life?

The use of humour in advertising, when done right, brings people together through shared experiences. Have you heard about meme marketing? It’s huge right now! Come on, everybody loves a good meme, especially since they’re hilarious and relatable. You’ve probably seen some brands, maybe some of your favourites, use memes with a simple text that doesn’t sound like they’re just trying to sell you their product or service. This way, people are more likely to share your meme on social media, hence giving you more exposure without any extra expenses.


Now, to not get the humour wrong, you’ll need to find a common ground and expand upon it. Being appropriate and relatable while also staying relevant to your brand is key to keeping your ad in your audience’s head.

When it comes to information in an ad, consumers aren’t usually aware that there may be solutions to their problems. They might not even be aware of the challenges they face, or a problem, until further down their journey (what we marketers call: The Buyer’s Journey). What we do know is that educating your audience can be such an effective tool in building trust with them.

Actually, an advertising survey released from Clutch reveals that customers dislike ads that they learn nothing from (51%), or that just weren’t relatable (48%). Viewers want to leave an ad knowing about the product, the brand, and even the industry. The survey also showed that consumers prefer advertisements that make them laugh. 53% said they remember and enjoy the ad if it’s humourous! Now, going back to the informative part, education-driven ads can work particularly well for sustainability-conscious brands who share facts about the environment in their ads and explain what their company is doing to address it. Customers who value social responsibility and make purchasing decisions based on that are attracted to that kind of ad.

While humour and educational ads are a great way to captivate an audience, they’re not the only way. Ads that aim to promote an action or change a behavior can be surprisingly responsive. In one study, smokers who reported being exposed to more highly emotional and personal testimonial ads were more likely to quit smoking. Here’s something you can take a look at to get a better idea of what I’m talking about. https://youtu.be/X4k12miYJ4M

If you ever thought that ads which feature a celebrity are what people like to see, or the reason they remember these ads, this is where I need to tell you that you’re wrong. Only 2% say they recalled an ad because of a celebrity being in it. So, more important than a high budget ad is actually creating a compelling and memorable one.

The Final Word

Something you really need to remember is that your ad can either make or break your product or service, especially in today’s digital age and its highly competitive market. You need to create a great commercial to not only get your product out there, but more importantly, for people to remember it. It’s vital to understand that ads are just meant to capture your audience’s attention, but it’s up to the business to build loyalty and trust with its customers. Know your audience, understand their challenges, find common ground that will resonate with them, and give us a call! You know we’re the best fit for you.

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