5 Content Marketing Trends for 2022

Trying to catch up with the frenzy of all the trends every few weeks is now the new norm. Trying to stay in the loop is all fun and games until you lose your uniqueness and become just another conformist. Just like when you wanted to be the popular kid in high school; after some time, it becomes nothing too special. If you try to conform to all the trends, nothing will be too special about your brand, nothing recognizable about your content and nothing outstanding about your designs. You don’t want that, now do you?

In hope to find the perfect balance, because perfectionism is the arch nemesis of productivity, you must remind yourself to stay connected with your brand identity, pick a few trends to adopt, and most importantly, just enjoy it! That’s the absolute essence of marketing!

Let’s get to the juicy part now of this journal! 2022 is just around the corner, heck we’re only a few steps away from it, and marketing agencies are all over the place trying to mould their marketing strategies into what they’re expecting they should look like in 2022.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, all the team here at JAYPAY are always busy finding what we should do next. So, each department found a few things to focus on in 2022, and I mixed them all together and threw them into this journal!

Back to the Future got nothing on us!

#1: Talk To Your Customers Not at Them

Whatever you’re advertising for, the people are your main concern.

This will stay in style and trendy whether it’s 2022 or 3022, because that’s how marketing has always been and that’s how it’ll always be!

So, whenever you’re trying to market a brand, remember to give it meaning! Allow your audience to get emotionally attached to it. This is simply how we as humans connect.

As we always say here at JAYPAY, the golden rule for branding is:

A brand exists when people draw meaning from it!

Over the years, corporate storytelling has proven its worth by pushing brands from zero to hero, one brand at a time!

Nike, Airbnb, Land Rover and good ol’ Ikea are very good examples to look at in terms of storytelling marketing. As you’re building your brand in 2022, or revamping and rebranding it, think about your main characters; the hero and the villain.

The hero being you and your services and the villain being the pain point you’re solving.

Let’s just look at the measures Ikea took to ensure they’re always connecting with their customers and making them feel all warm and happy inside. In Singapore, Ikea literally hired a person and called him the “Shelf Help Guru”!

Storytelling here was done very creatively! Emotional connection was maintained beautifully and most importantly, the marketing was spot on!

#2: Build A Solid Content Strategy

As we mentioned in the very beginning of this journal, not every trend is for you to hop on. Adopt the trends that suit you and if nothing of what’s popular aligns with your brand guidelines, create your own trends!

Another trend that’ll always stay evergreen is having a content strategy!

Don’t pressure yourself into creating a perfected-and-sealed 2022 content marketing strategy now! Instead, decide on 5 huge goals you want your company to achieve, specify some of their milestones, and add deadlines. The most important step here is to also write why each of these goals is important. This way, when you go back to review your marketing strategy, you’ll still have the same drive and motivation to complete it, even if the execution plan gets edited.

All the best companies in the world do this. They begin every year with a list of milestones that aren’t really set in stone, but the closest thing to that! If you don’t have time to go over it every month, do it every other month, or even every quarter of the year.

Not sure why go through all this trouble?

To put this very simply, your marketing strategy is your remedy to rid you of all the “work done twice” and “lost documents” situations.

So, start your 2022 with more organised processes, and an actual documented marketing strategy. If you start working on yours from this very moment, you’ll have your marketing strategy all figured out before 2022 starts.

#3: Make Good Use of Voice Search

Breaking news, the world of technology is evolving at the speed of sound!

I know, I know, this isn’t complete news to you, but it’s very important to remember that you’re not the only one feeling like a lot is happening in very little time. Just in case you’re still guessing, I chose to compare this evolution to the speed of sound, not light, because I don’t want to exaggerate.

And speaking of sound, in 2022, please optimise your brands and businesses to ensure they’re available through voice search! You’ll be doing yourself a huge favour.

Whether you prefer using Siri, Alexa, or Google Search, that’s up to you, but it’s very important you know that most people who are using the internet are also using voice search. Gadgets that include voice search are preferred by all the users because they are more convenient and easier to use. As we mentioned above and in one of our JAYPAY podcasts; patience is dead. You can check what we had to say about that here.

Here’s some real breaking news; since 2020, around 50% of the internet users have been using voice search at least once a day.

Here’s a short story that will prove the importance of voice search. You’re in the supermarket and your 5 year old child is running from one aisle to the other, while your teenage daughter, who’s supposed to keep an eye on the baby, is too busy breaking up with her boyfriend over the phone and you’re trying to pick out the ingredients for the Vietnamese noodles your partner likes.

Back story; your anniversary is in a few hours and you promised your partner you’re cooking them their favourite meal. But you’re late to prepare dinner because you spent all day with your mom at the doctor’s.

Okay, back to the supermarket. You suddenly realise that you forgot what some of the needed ingredients were, so the easiest thing to do is simply pick out your phone from your pocket and use voice search.

Don’t worry, your little child wasn’t lost between the supermarket aisles and your daughter was better off without that boyfriend anyway! Oh, and the dinner turned out amazing, thanks to voice search of course.

According to the Growth team here at JAYPAY, the trend of voice search will grow massively in 2022. Make it a point in your 2022 content marketing strategy to ensure all the brands you’re working on are optimised and recognised via voice search.

#4: Create a Podcast

Podcasts are actually one of the oldest forms of marketing. Podcasts were first launched all the way back in the 1980s and they were known as “audio blogs.” I think if JAYPAY was around in the 1980s, we would have called our podcasts audio journals, because the owner and CEO of JAYPAY, Jaymes, simply prefers calling them journals instead of blogs.

What’s beautiful about podcasts is that they’re made to be easy to listen to. Even if you’re not an auditory learner, podcasts can still be easy-to-follow and very enjoyable.

That’s why podcasting is entering the world of education, not to mention how strongly it’s proving its presence in the world of marketing. If you open the application you enjoy listening to podcasts on, whether it’s Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify or any other app, you’ll find at least a bunch of different podcasting shows that talk about the same topic.

You want something about health? You’ll find it. A podcast about mental health? There are plenty. A podcast about fashion? You’ll definitely find one! Of course, if you want to listen to a podcast about marketing, you’ll find a wide array of podcasts that tackle various sections of marketing.

The world of podcasting is growing by the minute, and it’s definitely a trend you should find your way on to in 2022. In reference to Podcast Insights, about two million podcasts and over 48 million podcast episodes were released in 2021 and this proves that it’s a trend that’s rapidly growing, and will continue to grow in 2022.

What’s fascinating about podcasts is that content creators are sharing their stories and anecdotes while they teach the listeners a thing or two, keeping in mind to always keep things simple. So let’s say you’re a marketing agency like we are here at JAYPAY. We have our services, and we have our website to show our audience what we can give them in terms of services. But launching our Disrupt or Die podcast allows our clients to not only view us from the shallow lens of a website, but allows them to see how we think, how we come together as a team and how we tackle different aspects in our domain.

Not to mention that as a brand, having a podcast allows the audience to see the human factor behind the scenes. This allows the audience to have an emotional connection with the brand, which is the heart and soul of every brand.

Note that you won’t get it right from the beginning and that’s perfectly fine! Podcasts are a lot of fun to record and to listen to, so give it your all, and you will become better with every new episode you record.

#5: Benefit from Video Marketing

Content will always be king, or as we like to say here at JAYPAY, content is god. And it’ll always be like that. But with the change of marketing and its need to reach people’s attention in the shortest time possible, video marketing stepped up. Videos are dynamic, lively and undeniably aesthetically pleasing, so why not make good use of them?

A study was carried out by Cisco, and they estimated that by 2022, video will account for 82% of all online traffic. They built that study on what’s there on the internet already and based on the words of marketers who assured them that most, if not all, marketing agencies now have a major part of their content strategies specified for video marketing.

So, if you hadn’t added video marketing to your strategy in 2021, make 2022 the year you get out from under that rock and start taking advantage of videos and their power. Take into account though, that there’s a huge number of videos on the internet, and people are scrolling through their social media for the bigger part of the day which makes the stakes high. You have to be smart about your videos and how you create them.

If the videos you’re adding to your marketing strategy are ones to be posted online, make the very beginning the most interesting, because if your viewers aren’t hooked from the first 5 seconds, you’ve lost them.

Another form you can benefit from video marketing is by holding webinars, recording demo videos, and hosting live video events. I strongly believe that the rise of Covid-19 contributed in pushing video marketing into the refined place it now holds in marketing. In 2019 and the very beginning of 2020, people needed that human interaction that Covid-19 took from them, and so they started relying on video marketing.

That’s what a smart trend looks like. You see a problem or a need, you find a way to solve it, and then everyone jumps in.

The Final Word

It’s never too late to find new ways to enrich your brand. It’s never too early, either.

The aim of this blog isn’t for us to start a career as fortune tellers, but to guide you to what the studies and stats are showing in terms of what the markets need in 2022.

So, don’t wait longer and start on planning what 2022 will look like for you and your marketing plan. Don’t be afraid to strategise ahead of time. If you don’t start working ahead of time you might be missing out on some potential from yourself and your brand.

Set your 2022 goals now and use the above mentioned trends to enrich your marketing strategy. If there’s any trend you’d like to share with us and our readers, go ahead and add it in the comment section. And if you have any questions about 2022 trends, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

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