4 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Are you struggling to ace your content marketing strategy?

There are several mistakes that many businesses make, but on the bright side, there’s always a way to fix them. Mistakes can be learning experiences that can provide valuable insight into what should be avoided in the future. Not all marketers can hit a home run when it comes to content marketing, just like not all copywriters can get you to keep reading a blog, but I can!

So, to help you maximise your content marketing strategy, here are some mistakes to avoid.

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Working Without Strategy and Research

Does strategy matter?

Foolish question. Of course it does!

A company can survive without strategy, but it will never thrive. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make today in content marketing is not researching what their audience really wants. You could be searching other websites to get ideas for blogs or content, but you probably didn’t realise that most of those topics didn’t really relate to your audience. If you take a look at JAYPAY’s website, you’ll notice that we focus on heavily growing your business, and we know exactly what you would be interested in.

We’ve done our part by selecting our audience, and now it’s your turn. So, after extensive research of your business and what your audience would want, we develop strategic options. We then select the most promising one, and decide how the resources needed will be allocated across the organisation to achieve objectives. Transforming your business into a revenue giant is our top priority.

Every piece of information you give out should have a purpose. You need to learn what challenges your audience is facing, how your business can help them solve problems, and which types of content they prefer.

You could use Google Trends to help you find which topics are trending the most, and which aren’t. Perhaps you find that your audience is searching for the best tools to use in 2022, you could then publish a journal about that.

Congrats, you’re now one step ahead of your competitors!

You’re Not Leveraging Evergreen Content for Your Website

What exactly is evergreen content? Well, for starters, it’s a necessity in your branding to ensure a long lasting connection with your audience.

Just like evergreen trees hang on to their leaves all year round, evergreen content is content that is always relevant. An easier explanation of evergreen content would be that it’s so interesting and relevant that it will still drive traffic for another 5 or so years! What you can learn from this is that your main focus shouldn’t only be the daily news cycle, or basically something that will only drive traffic for a few days. You need something that will remain useful to your audience.

An example of evergreen content would be writing a journal about how choosing the wrong tone in writing can sabotage the delivery of your message. I mean, we all want to avoid mistakes, right? And obviously when we’re given the chance, we’d rather learn from other people’s mistakes than make them ourselves. Also, writing anecdotes or personal experiences is a fantastic way to keep your content interesting, engaging, and evergreen.

Not Having Enough CTA’s (Or Any at All)

If you don’t know what CTA stands for, it’s “Call to Action”. The main purpose of a CTA should be to make it extremely clear to potential customers which action to take next. There doesn’t need to be only one call to action. There can be multiple CTA’s on a page if there are multiple desired actions for the user to take. It could be “Schedule a Call”, “Buy Now”, or a million other options, you just need to find the suitable ones according to what you’re offering your audience.

One of the mistakes I’ve made in content marketing is that I used to write long, interesting journals, but I never actually had a CTA. So, I used to wonder, what were people doing after reading my journals? Where was all the traffic going?

What’s the point of all that traffic if you aren’t pushing them to convert?

Now, if you take a look at Uber’s website, you’ll find that it’s pretty interesting. As you scroll through their homepage, you’ll find that they are effectively going after each and every one of their target audiences, and in order!

First, they focus on the riders with a super simple “sign up” button, and then drivers with the same message. Their third audience group is the people who are interested in what the business is doing for the community, which they can get information about by clicking on the “learn more” CTA. However, there’s something I would definitely change with regards to the way they present their CTA’s, and it’s how the shape or color doesn’t even change when you hover over it. That’s a big no for me.

How to Use CTA’s

To make things easier, CTA’s are simply a marketing reference to a piece of content. It could be an image, text, or button which is intended to prompt users to perform a specific action. If you want to drive more leads, always use a CTA on every marketing content piece. Here’s a little checklist for you to have an effective call to action.

It needs to have an attention-grabbing design. CTA’s need to make an impact, and stand out at the same time. Make sure your CTA simply catches the eye.
Action-focused. You need to find the right balance between clear instruction and enticing copy. Try to stay away from repetitive and dull words such as “start” or “register”. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look at leading brand websites to see what kind of CTA’s they’re using.
Be clear in your promises. I would hate to be tricked into clicking something that has no value or meaning to me. Ensure that your copy clearly tells your customers what they should be expecting in exchange for their click. Communicate the benefits.
The element of urgency. This allows your visitors to focus on the action you want them to take. Whether it’s an offer that will be expiring soon, if it’s limited, or if there are only a few items left in stock. This allows your customers to act now, rather than put it off for later.
You need to be logical with the way you map out your path to conversion. You wouldn’t expect a newly registered user to immediately subscribe to the benefit of receiving free delivery with every upcoming purchase. What if they don’t want to place a second order?

With all these tips, a really effective CTA will do wonders at drawing attention. Keep in mind that your goal with new visitors is to pique their interest, and eloquently guide them through the signup process.

Not Using Social Media Effectively

So, you planned your strategy, you did your research, created evergreen content, and chose the most appropriate and attractive CTA’s. But, you didn’t promote anything on any of your social media channels.

That sucks.

Yes, they do say that content is king, but distribution is queen. If you don’t properly promote your content on social media, you’re going to be missing out on the chance to attract new, potential customers who are already scrolling through their Instagram, Facebook, or any other social platform.

Plus, something really important you need to remember is that you need a specific strategy to get the best result. It’s not just about posting anything and everything everywhere.

If you’ve ever heard of the 80/20 rule, you already know what I’m about to tell you. The 80/20 rule indicates that 80% of social media posts need to actually be useful to your audience. That means, it should be either educational, entertaining, or that it offers a solution to whatever problem they may be facing. Or, it could be all 3!

However, only 20% of your posts should be to promote your business.

I don’t go on social media to sit and wait around for a new advertisement to pop up. I log on because I want to be entertained, or find information that can possibly improve my life. The main reasons for using social media are to stay connected with friends and family, or to find funny and entertaining content. It’s just the way people fill up their spare time. That’s why providing the right type of content that entices your audience will give them a reason to follow your brand.

Your bottom line is to drive revenue, and that’s what the 80/20 rule can help you achieve. If you mostly post about products or sales (especially if it isn’t all that special), your users will get bored and tune out. Try posting promotional content only 20% of the time, you’ll see the difference and how your users will more likely act upon your content or message.

The Final Word

At JAYPAY, our marketing strategies have been designed to help companies reach exactly what they’re looking for. Whether it’s to drive more traffic, sales, or to eliminate the worry of boring their visitors.

Go ahead and implement some of these content-marketing tactics to save your strategy and drive more leads, or you could save yourself the time and energy, and hit us up instead.

We never disappoint.

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