Junior Graphic Designer Opening In Beirut, Lebanon

Are you fresh out of university and already know how to use Adobe products such as Photoshop & Illustrator? If your dream is to become a kickass Graphic Designer, but you know you need the experience to get to where you want to be, go ahead and apply right here for our Junior Graphic Designer role!

As our Junior Graphic Designer, you’re going to be tasked with creating all sorts of super creative banner ads and social ads. As you get to develop your skills under the tutelage of our fabulous Creative Director and her truly outstanding Visuals Team, you’ll get to take on bigger and more challenging graphic design projects.

The perfect Junior Graphic Designer we’re looking for is someone who is young, creative, is 100% driven and hungry to learn, and wants to become an outstanding graphic designer. Are you that person?

The Junior Graphic Designer role is definitely super-challenging as JAYPAY is a fast paced marketing & brand agency, and we only take on the brightest talents. So, if you have been looking for that break and believe in your own creative skills, but more importantly, know what you want from your career, keep reading. Don’t read on if you believe that just because you know how to crop an image in Photoshop means that you have what it takes to make it at JAYPAY.


We could stuff this paragraph with a load of fluff words which are simply meant to big up JAYPAY. Thing is, when it comes to our brand, it’s not about us; it’s about our incredibly talented team, which could include you. Our team is what makes us. So, enough talk about why we think we’re great, and let’s focus on what two members of our Visuals Team have to say:

“Working at JAYPAY gives you the chance to be around like-minded and creative people who will encourage you to challenge yourself and grow in your domain.”

Graphic Designer & Our Very Own Mary Poppins,

~ Dana

“So, you know how every company boasts that they’re like a family, but in reality it’s actually a dictator boss abusing a bunch of disgruntled employees? That’s not the case at JAYPAY. It genuinely feels like working with family that not only care for you, but also care to see you flourish and thrive. ”

Graphic Designer & Cat Whisperer,

~ Kareem

Your role as a Junior Graphic Designer

As our new Junior Graphic Designer, you’re going to be working on quite a few graphic design tasks, such as artwork for social media and really creative banner ads.

You’re going to be taught how to create exceptional designs that really do bring our messaging to life. We are looking for someone who can learn and adapt quickly to the things they’re being taught as JAYPAY isn’t a school and this isn’t an intern position.

We’re expecting you to already have some Photoshop and Illustrator experience before you apply. We’re also going to want you to show us some of the creative things you’ve worked on.

Key responsibilities as a Junior Graphic Designer at JAYPAY

As a Junior Graphic Designer, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Understanding the design idea as well as the concepts needed.
  • Using various techniques and the latest trends to create your artwork and engaging designs.
  • Producing design solutions like logos, banners, social media artwork, and interfaces.
  • Learning how to pitch creative ideas, and then pitching them yourself.
  • Collaborating with the senior graphic designers to produce the final design products.
  • Taking on special design tasks such as branding visuals according to style guidelines and adding in translations into various designs.
  • Using the creative feedback you’re given from the senior graphic designers in your team to improve.
  • Learning how to create design guidelines and then creating them yourself.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for hungry, driven talented people who have a creative flair and who are comfortable working in a team. You’re going to have to be a real team player who is ready to learn and adapt. Remember, this is a junior role and you’re going to be working with truly gifted and experienced senior graphic designers who have been there, done it, and worn the t-shirt. You’re going to have to be in a position to learn quickly too. JAYPAY isn’t the sort of marketing & brand agency that sits around waiting for you to catch up.

When it comes to adding new talent to JAYPAY, we don’t just look at your academic background. You can have PhDs coming out of your arse, but if you don’t fit in, can’t smile, are incapable of having fun, can’t relax, or get off whatever high horse you’re on, maybe it’s best you try another company. We’re looking for a brilliant, young creative mind; one that’ll turn heads with his/ her flair and creativity, and make everyone around them want to be around them.

For the Junior Graphic Designer role, we’re looking for a creative, yet skeptical minded person who has the following in their locker:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or something that’s related to design.
  • Some minor experience as a junior graphic designer may be beneficial.
  • A small to medium-sized portfolio of past design and creative projects that you’ve worked on or are working on right now.
  • Good experience when it comes to using design software and editing tools such as Adobe’s Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, etc).
  • A good command over design techniques and visual elements.
  • Excellent communication, time management, and multitasking skills.
  • Good sense of humour. You’ll need it when it comes to working in the JAYPAY Visuals Team.
  • Outstanding teamwork skills.
  • Creative thinking with attention to detail.
  • Excellent command of English. We’re owned by an English guy and to laugh at his jokes, you’ll need to know English.

Some advantages that could get you through the door
When it comes to drawing up the Junior Graphic Design candidate shortlist, we take a look at absolutely everything. But, if you’ve got this additional experience, you just might make it onto the shortlist faster than anyone else:

  • Have created website and landing page designs on Adobe XD.
  • Know all of the different social media banner dimensions off by heart.
  • Can show us social media designs you’ve worked on.
  • Understand what “working within the grid” means.

Some of the perks

You’ll be loved and cared for, and we show that to all our team in the form of the way we treat them as well as the monetary benefits they enjoy. You’ll be working out of our Beirut office at BDD and you’ll be paid in Fresh US Dollars. You’re also put on a 100% medical coverage plan*. Bonuses for exceptionally hard work are given too, and the working environment is fun, energetic, and magnetising. Another plus is that you might get to travel to our offices in Cyprus.

How to apply

Click on where it says “apply”. Fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you. Every application is treated confidentially. We’re not lovers of spam, and we’re pretty sure you’re not either, so we’ll never give out your personal details to anyone. We’re fully GDPR compliant too.

If you are invited in for an interview and we like you, we’re going to set you a test to see just how good you are. Some view the test as being a bit hard, but if you’re as hungry and driven as you think you are, we’re sure you can ace it!

Stay safe, stay awesome, and good luck

The JAYPAY Careers Team

*Medical insurance and annual leave are provided after your probation period ends.


Simply fill in the form below and make sure you upload your outstandingly awesome cover letter which explains your experience as a Junior Graphic Designer.