Growth Hacker Team Leader Opening In Beirut, Lebanon

Are you an experienced Growth Hacker who’s ready to be the Team Leader of the JAYPAY Growth Team? As our Growth Hacker Team Leader, you’re going to be tasked with boosting not just lead generation and brand exposure channels, but with the task of growing your team. This means working with your new team and training them on the latest growth hacking trends.

The ideal Growth Hacker that we’re looking for is someone who already has experience generating leads by implementing various campaigns and funnels.

This is a super-challenging role and JAYPAY is a fast paced company, so, if you have Growth Hacking / Digital Marketing experience and are looking for a rewarding new challenge, continue to read on. Don’t read on if you simply think that Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Ads are the answer to everything.

JAYPAY: Our ethos

We could fill this section with fluff words which big us up. Thing is, when it comes to the JAYPAY brand, it’s not about us; it’s about our incredibly talented team, which could include you. Our team is what makes us. So, enough talk about why we think we’re great, let’s focus on what our team has to say:

“At JAYPAY, you’re always in a dynamic environment. You can never feel like you’re not doing anything as it’s a challenging yet super exciting environment to be in. You’ll meet the smartest, craziest and most energetic team I’ve ever worked with. At JAYPAY, you’re valued. At JAYPAY, everyone believes in you, even if you have a tiny spark of talent, it’s valued.

I first joined JAYPAY as a Marketing Intern where I was exposed to almost all aspects of marketing, such as Content Marketing, Web Administration, Social Media, and a bit of design. During my time here, I’ve come to realise my actual field of interest, and JAYPAY supported me by making me the Junior Social Media Manager. I’ve never been this happy before!

I’m very excited to be part of a community, which is more of a family, really, here at JAYPAY. It allows me to go above and beyond, helping me grow, learn, and excel in all aspects of my life! ”

Junior Social Media Manager,
Part of the Growth Team at JAYPAY


As our new Growth Hacker Team Leader, you’re going to be first and foremost tasked with building our Growth Team. Next, you’re going to have to know your sh*t when it comes to building funnels and campaigns which bring in hot leads. Lead gen is cool, but building our brand and the brands of our clients is key, so you and your team are going to be managing that too.

You’re going to have to come up with the ideas on how to scale the traffic that comes into our clients’ websites and social channels. Remember, it’s your job to stimulate the growth of both JAYPAY and of our clients. We’ve opened this Growth Hacking role and not the Digital Marketing Team Leader role because at JAYPAY, we think differently. As our Growth Hacker Team Leader, you’re also going to have to think differently. What new trends are there that can really boost traffic? Can you boost traffic using low-end and high budgets? Continue reading if you’re confident in your abilities as a Growth Hacker.

As a Growth Hacker, you should be familiar with AARRR, after all, you’re the pirate who sails these digital marketing seas. Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral & Revenue make up the AARRR anagram.


As a Growth Hacker, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Collaborating with all the different teams at JAYPAY such as Communications, Visuals & Web Dev to identify areas for growth and to work with these teams to see your assets come to life.
  • Testing and optimising marketing tactics for customer acquisition and conversion rate optimisation.
  • Carrying out competitor analysis and market research.
  • Proposing new creative ideas for new campaigns.
  • Ensuring everything is tracked within GTM, Google Analytics, and any other relevant tracking software you believe we should be using.
  • Translating ideas into actionable items that deliver ROI.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest growth hacking techniques and trends, and sharing them with your team as well as with the rest of your colleagues.
  • Developing and executing both online and offline campaigns, which include strong hints of gamification, digital marketing, brand partnerships, on-the-ground activation, and any other forms of campaigns which drive traffic.


We’re looking for a hungry, driven Growth Hacker who’s comfortable working in a team. You’re going to have to be a real team player who has a true knack for passing on the things you’ve learned.

When it comes to adding new talent to JAYPAY, we don’t just look at your academic background. You can have PhDs coming out of your arse, but if you don’t fit in, can’t smile, are incapable of having fun, can’t relax, or get off whatever high horse you’re on, maybe it’s best you try another company. We’re looking for a brilliant minded Growth Hacker that’ll turn heads with his/ her flair and creativity, and make everyone around them want to be around them.

For the Growth Hacker Team Leader role, we’re looking for a creative, yet analytical, mind who has the following in their locker:

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Marketing, Computer Science or in a related field – unless you can prove to us that you know your shit. Our founder and CEO doesn’t have a degree…
  • Have a lot of experience in the Growth Hacking field or have been a Digital Marketing Manager who has never been allowed to use growth hacking techniques before because your bosses prefer sitting on silver spoons.
  • Possess excellent analytical skills and leverage data, metrics, analytics, and consumer behaviour trends to generate creative ideas.
  • You’re a highly goal-oriented individual who is resilient in your pursuit of growth. Scratch that. You’ve got a huge ego, are a go-getter, and motivated by bringing in the results needed!
  • You are open-minded, curious, and a strong problem solver.
  • You are completely fluent in English.
  • You know exactly what metrics to put in a report without having to be told.
  • A god when it comes to time management and organisation.
  • Someone who is responsible and takes full ownership of their work.

Some advantages that could get you through the door

When it comes to drawing up the candidate shortlist, we take a look at absolutely everything. But, if you’ve got this additional experience, you just might make it onto the shortlist faster than anyone else:

  • Can set up and configure GTM / Google Analytics / Google Search Console & Facebook Business Manager with one of your hands tied behind your back, while the other hand plays Bohemian Rhapsody on a grand piano.



You’ll be loved and cared for, and we show that to all our team in the form of the way we treat them as well as the monetary benefits they enjoy. You’ll be working out of our Beirut office at BDD and you’ll be paid in Fresh US Dollars. You’re also put on a 100% medical coverage plan. Bonuses for exceptionally hard work are given too, and the working environment is fun, energetic, and magnetising. Another plus is that you’ll get to travel to our offices in Cyprus at least once a year.

How to apply


Click on where it says “apply”. Fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you. Every application is treated confidentially. We’re not lovers of spam, and we’re pretty sure you’re not either, so we’ll never give out your personal details to anyone. We’re fully GDPR compliant too.

We’re going to ask you to prove that you’re as good as you say you are, so you’re going to have to answer some tricky Growth Hacker questions that only a qualified and experienced Growth Hacker would know. Are you ready?

Stay safe, stay awesome, and good luck!

The JAYPAY Careers Team

*Medical insurance and annual leave are provided after your probation period ends.


Simply fill in the form below and make sure you upload your outstandingly awesome cover letter which explains your experience as a Growth Hacker Team Leader.