Start 2022 with Your Brand’s Experience Vision

Start 2022 with Your Brand’s Experience Vision

New year resolutions aren’t exclusively for your personal growth, they can be for your brand’s growth as well.

Here’s something to contemplate about in the first month of 2022!

Don’t be afraid to set new year resolutions for yourself or for your brand!

Start your year by setting goals. Document them. Make them huge! Structure them out in a plan! Create the best version of your brand in 2022! But here’s the thing, if you’re not willing to put in the effort, don’t expect results.

Unlike popular opinion; it’s not that new year resolutions don’t work, it’s that they won’t be effective if you don’t put in the work!

One of the main building blocks that can help your brand glow up in 2022 is setting a vision for your brand experience. You can go ahead and structure it on a mood board, or a vision board as some like to call it, in an excel sheet, heck you can even scribble it in the old fashioned way by pen and paper. What matters is that you write down your brand’s experience vision from the very beginning of the year.

What is Your Brand’s Experience Vision?

Here’s a piece of wisdom that you’d probably read before in one of our blogs, because we’re very guilty of repeating it; your brand exists when people draw meaning from it; a positive meaning.

We’re very proud to keep on repeating it. It’s actually our mantra here at JAYPAY, because it keeps us focused on the goal we want the brands we work with to achieve. So, if a brand is only as good as the meaning its users get from it, then the experience they get from your brand is what really counts!

Your brand, whether it’s service-based or product-based, comes with an experience for your customers and the more the experience is enhanced and makes your customers’ lives easier, the higher your brand will rank. Let’s measure this ranking by customer-love-points!

To give your brand a rich and fulfilling experience vision, you need to combine the different kinds of experiences your brand creates.

Here are the different kinds of experiences that actually create brand experience:

  1. User experience (aka UX)
  2. Customer experience (CX)
  3. Total experience (TX)

So, to create a solid and effective Brand Experience for your brand in 2022, you need to create a vision for it. Before we go into detail, please note that a vision statement isn’t your Brand Experience Vision! Ultimately, your brand’s vision statement outlines the future your brand is working towards. It sets the bounds of your brand and business, but that’s a topic for a different journal.

How to Design an Effective Brand Experience Vision

As we said at the very top, if you aren’t willing to put in the work, your New Year resolutions won’t work! So, here is where we give you the keys of focus you should work on if you want your Brand Experience Vision to turn out as productive and gratifying as you’d wanted it to be.

Sorry to break it off for you, but there’s no easy way to the top of the mountain. Thank me later for the life-lessons!

UX is Key

UX is your first building block to your brand! It is also your first building block for your Brand Experience Vision. In case you’re not sure what UX is, it’s short for user experience, which is the feel your brand creates for the user.

The more your product or service is easy to fulfill your customer’s needs, the more your UX score shoots up, the more customer-love-points you’ll collect. If you want to know if your UX aligns with your brand experience vision, start by assessing your brand’s narrative. And if your brand doesn’t have a narrative behind it, please get from under the rock you’ve been living under and give it one.

Tell the people the story behind your brand. If you don’t have a super inspiring one, come up with one! This not-so-secret secret has moved some very basic brands into incredibly relatable ones. All because of some adorable anecdote they told the world about their brand.

From your brand story and relatability, you move to the design. This is another factor that’ll enhance your user experience.

How? Simply put, the colour palette you choose for your brand and each piece of design you decide to display on your website or as a representation of your brand, or even as your identity on social media, will add up to your user experience. So keep this in mind when you’re creating, or recreating your brand’s visuals.

Another part that we love in the user experience equation, is the way you develop your product. Whether it’s a physical good or a service you’re presenting, the way you develop it will affect the user experience on your website.

If your web pages take more than 5 seconds to load, consider you’ll lose customer-love-points. If images on your pages take too long to load, you just lost a few more customer-love-points. If the overall feel of your page isn’t smooth, you’ll lose even more customer-love-points.

To learn more about enhancing your UX, we have an entire journal that goes in depth about it, so feel free to check it out here. You can also speak directly to us and we’ll guide you through what can boost your brand’s UX.

CX is a Thing. And It’s Important!

Although not much is said about CX, it’s one of the experiences your users get from your brand, and it’s very crucial for your Brand Experience Vision. So, in 2022, don’t be afraid to make CX a priority.

Oh, in case you didn’t know, CX is customer experience. Yes, it’s different from UX.

The Customer Experience is how your brand deals with your customers as they’re making a sale, or when they decide to sign a contract with you for your services. Ready to check some tricks that’ll boost your customer-love-points with CX? Go on reading.

1. Make sure your sales strategy is a killer, but please, for God’s sake, make sure your sales team aren’t annoying or spammy.

Here’s some popular opinion that isn’t talked about enough, no one likes long sales calls! Find better ways, please.

One idea might be that you make sales events, where people who are interested will willingly choose to come.

Another idea might be, if your brand or service definitely needs sales calls, please don’t choose sales people who make users feel like they’re being interviewed. Instead, make your calls conversational, your customer would prefer to be treated like the person they are. Make the calls short, and bold but not too pushy!

2. Ensure your customer’s buying experience is smooth!

Your customers don’t have the patience to look for where you’ve located the cart if you decided to get creative, and change its usual place; top right-hand corner of the screen.

Don’t get us wrong, we love disruptive thinking. Heck, it’s the only way we do our marketing, but keep in mind if the creativity gets in the way of practicality, it’s not disruptive anymore, it’s pure destructive!

Another point you should never make hard for your customers is to make them go through Olympic hoops as they’re paying. Don’t make the checkout process a tough one.

No one wants to prove they deserve to give you their money. It’s not smart to expect them to.

Why would you make the check out process a hard one anyway? When your customers want to give you their money, let them. Scratch that, make this process as easy as possible!

We’ve talked at length about how some of the people in our team have suffered from brands who simply didn’t want to get paid. Check out this episode from our Disrupt of Die podcast!

3. If you send contracts to your customers with terms and conditions and legal information, please don’t make it mission impossible for them to decipher what you’re trying to tell them.

Making your terms and conditions of the contracts you’re sending your customers full of inexplicable sentences isn’t sensible! Be a nice person, and tell them with all honesty what you’re expecting of them and what they can expect of you!

Being transparent and straightforward with your customers goes a long way. If you make them feel like they’re doing some shady deal when they’re doing business with you, a big part of your customers won’t even sign the contract, and another part will, but you’ll never have their trust.

No trust from your customers, no customer-love-points, no successful brand experience, soon no brand! It’s a vicious cycle.

TX Stands for Total Experience

Dear managers that don’t care about their employees,

First of all, you’re the worst kind of people. And second, being rude to your employees doesn’t push them to perform better to impress you, instead it slowly kills your brand!

Yours truly,
An employee who’s loved and respected in their work space, so gives their full potential!

The Total Experience your brand creates starts from within the premises of your company, then stems out to the end-users.

We live in a very fast paced world, and business plans are changing over night! Who would’ve expected that in 2019, working from home would become the new norm? A crisis was upon up, and it still hasn’t found a way to disappear, and businesses had to adjust fast, almost overnight.

So, to create a total experience for your brand that’ll sustain your Brand Experience Vision in 2022, think about the full spectrum of your business plan.

Create an emergency plan. Think of the most ideal way you’ll deal with your employees if shit hits the fan and we go in complete lockdown again. Who knows, maybe this year the surprise factor we’ll have to deal with will be completely different, but have a just-in-case plan.

Let’s not call it plan B since a lot of negative meanings have become glued to this word.

Another part that contributes to building a proactive TX is making sure all the logistics behind your brand are sorted out. By logistics we mean, filing and data keeping to accounting, marketing strategies, work processes, reaching all the way to warehouse keeping, in case your brand uses warehouses.

Finding a way to keep all these essential business functions sorted and organised, along with ensuring your employees’ deep satisfaction, will allow your work to run smoothly, thus keeping the Total Experience fluid and cohesive from a to z. That way, you won’t only be adding customer-love-points to your brand, but also employee-love-points. The latter are quite hard to earn, but they’re the most important.

Trust us, this is what your Brand Experience Vision needs.

Vision Validation is Inescapable

Chances are, you won’t get your Brand Experience Vision right from the get-go, and there’s no shame in that! You have no idea how many tests and inquiries we do to ensure our Brand Experience Vision is still serving our goals, here at JAYPAY.

Vision Validation is an ongoing process and it continuously keeps on helping your brand. After you’ve specified the KPIs and goals your brand wants to reach by the end of 2022, and you’ve planned your Brand Experience Vision accordingly, you shouldn’t run away from assessing its success. We know you’ve put in a lot of effort to produce this wonderful baby, but babies need constant checkup, and so does your Brand Experience Vision.

Ask your team every once in a while what they think of the way you do things. No need to ask them trick questions. Simply come to different people in different departments and ask them about their opinion about any of your systems. For example, ask a designer what they think of the filing system. Explain to them that their opinion matters and that even if they have little-to-no- experience in that field, their input might contribute to shedding light on things.

Don’t expect the most professional answers if you’re crossing between departments, but expect your employees to feel more comfortable with your Brand Experience Vision. They’ll feel like their voice is heard and cared for in the company, and you’ll have new intel on your Brand Experience Vision!

It’s a win-win situation.

After you take this intel, whether you do it in pop-up short interviews, via email, through video calls or even through fax, (does anyone still use that?) Take what you’ve collected and ask yourself ”Does this get us closer to our goal?” “How does what this employee told me help me better this year’s Brand Experience Vision?”

Whatever you get from your vision validation process, it’ll get you one step closer to achieving your brand’s goals.

Remember to repeat this process several times throughout the year.

The Final Word

Our experiences are how we create our memories, and how we drive meaning and emotional connections. That’s what’s been missing for your brand. Enrich your brand’s experience-production in 2022, and allow it to soar.

In 2022, aim high. Don’t be afraid to let your brand find the success you’ve been dreaming about, and start by designing a vivid and detailed Brand Experience Vision. Just in case you don’t know where to start or you’d like us to help you with your Brand Experience Vision for 2022,don’t hesitate to reach out.

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